These beasts are energetic, and perpetually joyful, even when being brutally mauled by another beast. They're usually emitting a constant excited, quiet hooting, but when stroked affectionately, they go ecstatic and roll around the floor hooting loudly. It's sort of creepy.

In-game description

The Woot is the Stage 1 form of the Zephyr group.


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Woots cannot be found in the wild. They are used by the enemy signers Brydee and Hannah in the Annoying Cave, Laura in The Hub, and those participating in the Random Tournament.


Base Statistics
HP: 30
MP: 30
ATK: 30
DEF: 28
M.ATK: 30
M.DEF: 28
SPD: 36
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Woots learn Accelerate, a Larval-type technique. They can also use any Larval or Avian techniques that their ancestors learned.


A Woot can be evolved from a Zephyr Egg. It can evolve into three different forms:


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