The Guardian of the Water Temple is a young human female who looks suspiciously familiar, but alone, she realises that she's not much of a match for anyone who'd want to challenge her for the Crystal, so she has help from her loyal steed, which is a... uh... I have no idea what it is. But she's had it as a pet since they were both small.

Encyclopaedia description

Water Guardian is an enemy in MARDEK.


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Main form

Possible equipment

Sage's Wand
Sage's Wand


16000 999
STR: 26 VIT: 22 SPR: Base: 24
Sage's Wand: 26
AGL: 36
ATK: Base: 30
Sage's Wand: 10
DEF: 10 MDEF: 0 EVA: 0

Elemental resistance

Glyph Fire Fire Glyph Water Water Glyph Air Air Glyph Earth Earth
100% 200% -50% -100%
Glyph Light Light Glyph Dark Dark Glyph Aether Aether Glyph Fig Fig
50% 50% 80% 0%
Glyph Physical Physical Glyph Thauma Thauma Glyph Divine Divine
0% 0% 0%

Status resistance

Poison Poison Paralysis Paralysis Numb Numbness Silence Silence
10% 10% 90% 90%
Curse Curse Confusion Confusion Sleep Sleep Darkness Blindness
90% 0% 10% 10%
Bleed Bleed ZombieStatus Zombie Berserk Berserk
10% 100% 100%


AttackPhysicalPhysicalDeals damage to one target. May hit critically. May inflict Silence Silence (10%).0 MP
Hydro ClawWaterPhysicalDeals damage to one target. Has a high chance of hitting critically.10 MP
Empty ClawPhysicalPhysicalDeals damage to one target. Has a high chance of hitting critically.10 MP
Inversion: WaterThaumaMagicalDeals damage to all targets for a percentage of their maximum HP equal to their Water resistance.30 MP
TsunamiWaterMagicalDeals high damage to all targets.16 MP
BubbleWaterMagicalDeals damage to one target.6 MP
FlameFireMagicalDeals damage to one target. Only used on targets with Fire resistance below 81%.6 MP
Lightning BoltAirMagicalDeals damage to one target. Only used on targets with Air resistance below 81%.6 MP
StonesplosionEarthMagicalDeals damage to one target. Only used on targets with Earth resistance below 81%.6 MP
SilenceWaterMagicalHits one target. May inflict Silence Silence (80%).6 MP
Mega BarrierLightMagicalGives self Shield Shield (100%) and MShield Magic Shield (100%). Only used while below 25% HP. Can only be used once per battle.50 MP



  • Starts battle with Auto-Haste.
  • On the first turn, the attack will be from the Beast, one of Tsunami, Inversion:Water, Hydro Claw or Empty Claw.
  • On the second turn, the attack will be from Emela, one of Bubble, Flame, Lightning Bolt, Stonesplosion or Silence.
  • Mega Barrier can be used by either character, though the animation implies it is cast by Emela.


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