High Priest Vudu of YALORT is a character in MARDEK.


The High Priest of YALORT in the Aeropolis region. His solid green, glowing eyes mark his rank, and show the gift that YALORT has given him for his piety. He's from a far away land, which is obvious by his appearance and accent. There's something about him that you find suspicious or untrustworthy... But if he was able to ascend to the highest of positions in a religious organisation, he can't be a bad man, right?


Vudu gives Vehrn the quest to find the Lost Monastery and recover the ★ Monastery Stone, which, according to legend, had driven the Yalortian priests and cultlings mad as punishment for idolatry. Upon receiving the stone, Vudu tasks Vehrn with discovering the purpose of the ★ Runestone Fragment, leaving him alone with the stone.



  • Vudu speaks with a Caribbean accent. His name is also similar to Vodou, a religion from that area.