Veneficus is a character in Deliverance.


Supposedly the most powerful mage on Proteus, Veneficus supports the player but is non-playable throughout the entire game. He considers himself YALORT's Gift to Women.


In the beginning of the game, Veneficus can be found inside the house where the Villageville magic shop would later be, looking for his apprentice. He then sends the player off to find his apprentice as a side-quest, which, upon completion, allows spells to be bought and forged from that shop. He also gives the player a SoulStone.

Veneficus is re-encountered later in the game, in Aldea, though he doesn't give out any new quests.

He can also be encountered in Varanus, where he gives Kerah a side-quest to collect a magic trophy from the Cave of Trials, where the reward is a SoulStone.



  • He is referenced by the description of the Magic Trophy, a relic in Raider: Episode 1.
    • And in Raider Zero, there is a relic named "Ragged Tome", which, according to the description, was signed by Veneficus.

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