The Guardian of the Air Temple, imbued with the elemental powers of Air.

In-game description

Thundragryf is an enemy in Deliverance.


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More info

HP: 2000 MP: 999
STR: 22 VIT: 36 SPR: 24 AGL: 33
ATK: 39 DEF: 0 MDEF: 20
Elemental resistance
IconFireD Fire IconWaterD Water IconAirD Air IconEarthD Earth
-100% 50% 200% 100%
IconLightD Light IconDarkD Dark IconAetherD Aether IconFigD Fig
50% 50% 50% 100%
Status resistance
IconPoisonD Poison IconConfusionD Confusion IconCurseD Curse IconDarknessD Darkness
0% 0% 0% 0%
IconSilenceD Silence IconSleepD Sleep IconParalysisD Paralysis
100% 100% 100%
Name Element Components Properties MP
Attack None N/A
 ? 0
Flash Air FlashSoul FrozenBolt
FrozenBolt FrozenBolt
PAR: 90% 3
Drain Dark FocusSoul VampireFang
DrakFang DrakFang
DRAIN: 48-80 12
Hasten Air FocusSoul MoonstoneDeliverance
GriffinFeather GriffinFeather
AGL: +10 6
Focus Mind Light FocusSoul MoonstoneDeliverance
MoonstoneDeliverance SapphireDeliverance
SPR: +3 12
MBarrier Light FocusSoul LightEssence
MoonstoneDeliverance M RunestoneDeliverance
MSHIELD: 100% 1
Thundershock Air ThunderSoul AirEssenceDeliverance
FrozenBolt DrakFang
DMG: 26-44
PAR: 30%
Aura Bolt Light ThunderSoul LightEssence
HumanSkull CrystalTears
DMG: 55-77
SPR: -3
Thunderbolt Air ThunderSoul WolfFang
DrakFang DrakFang
DMG: 69-121 15
Thunderstorm Air ThunderSoul HumanSkull
HumanSkull HumanSkull
DMG: 165-231 29
AirEssenceDeliverance AirEssence 100%
AirEssenceDeliverance AirEssence 10%
TopazEarringDeliverance TopazEarring 10%
ThunderSoul ThunderSoul 8%


The tactic here is largely the same except it is oriented toward the AIR Element. Please make sure your group is ATLEAST lv 10 to ensure maxiumum survivability chance. make sure to make efficiency tweaks to your MP (Especially Aurelia.) and keep her in the group. In case that you've got Aurelia and ArK. IT'S HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to make Aurelia learn fire moves. the more, the merrier. (and the deadlier) equip your team with air element protection. (2 air necklaces will to the job for each teammate) since there is no Inversion in this game. getting the resistance to 100% is the best chance of survival. Anyhow. back to the tactic:

Once the battle has started. use one character as healer. (Aurelia is a great option. unless you've made your character a healer) and focus with your character on attacking with the most powerful fire spells you've got. Considering you've learnt from the dark magic shop the darkness debuff spell, cast it as it'll further increase your chance to survive. once the Thundragryf gets low HP (As low as 40% usually) it will cast MShield. Focus with your melee now. to balance out the spell resistance. and heal when neccesary. keep those in mind and you'll survive with 95% survivability chance.