The Hub is where the signers live. It is where you receive you missions.

VR Dungeon

Currently, only Level 1 of the VR Dungeon is accessible. To get to the VR dungeon, go through the door with the sign that says 'RESTRICTED ACCESS' on it in the bottom left corner of the courtyard.



Dormitory Complex

Along with a chest containing EnergyDisc L1 x5 in you room, there is a computer with access to Restore, WaterRat, Storage, Merger, Renamer, and perhaps best of all, Pong.

Signer club and cafeteria

Not much to do here besides learn some background info.


If you ever lose a battle or random encounter, this is were you are taken.


Main article: Arena (Beast Signer Alpha)

Where you can compete in the Random Tournament and Official Leveling Challenge. Eventually, kind of PVP will be available.

Tron's office

The office of Tron. This is where you receive your missions, and complete them.


A normal shop, except for clothing. It only stocks Cyber Suits. If you want anything else, you have to go to Normos.


Some battles are available in the courtyard after battling Andarion.

"Dude, I totally have to beat you in this beast fighting thing to impress my girlfriend here!"
Element HP ATK DEF MDEF Gold
Earth 20 40 45 45 100
Ug Sprite
Level 1
"Hey, are you new to this? I am... I want to see how good I am so far though, so will you battle with me?"
Element HP ATK DEF MDEF Gold
Air 12 40 35 35 100
Woot Sprite
Level 1