The fourth chapter of the first section of the Holy Book.

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And so YALORT gave the beasts, which were named 'fribbles', minds.

The fribbles became aware of their world for the first time. Whereas before they'd merely lived to survive, and never thought about anything that was not immediately necessary, they now pondered the way things worked for the sheer sake of wondering, and questioned why they were there. They developed language with which to communicate amongst themselves, and they learned to utilise simple objects as tools to perform tasks that their unequipped bodies could not accomplish.

This carried on for a while, though in my vision this period lasted but a few seconds. YALORT was watching, but he was still not intervening. He had given the fribbles minds, and, as such, had given them free will and the power to control their own destinies. They were using their minds well, and were developing further than any other creatures on their world had before.

This was not all YALORT had planned though. He always planned to interfere with their lives eventually, and indeed he did, in time.

The fribbles had become extremely territorial, selfish, and greedy by themselves. They formed packs, which lived in primitive structures made from vegetation, but the packs had no concept of co-operation with other packs. Any fribble would attack any other fribble which was not from its own pack without warning, and with little reason, other than because they were different.

This angered YALORT. He had seen it happen almost invariably on all of his worlds, and it angered him every time. He dreamt of a unified civilisation that would work together to develop faster, which would live in peace, but giving creatures minds, free will and emotions seemed to merely fuel their selfish behaviours and cloud their visions with ignorance. They had the concepts of ordered society, frienship and co-operation in their minds, as YALORT could see from their pack-forming, but they also had much ignorance, and since YALORT had made them as Beasts of Knowledge, ignorance caused fear for them. They were terrified of the unknown, and fear leads to a fight-or-flight response. Since the fribbles were too curious and forward to flee, they fought. They tried to destroy what they did not understand.

YALORT was not pleased with this.

He intervened.

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