Tetreous Prime, shown as Tetreous on the world map, is a level in Super Mega Extreme Cyber Ortek Flier 2005 X. As it has the lowest recommended level, it is considered to be the first level in the game.


The Triobots - those triangular sentient robot things - are preparing some sort of great fleet that they may or may not intend to use to attack Ortekia, our homeworld. And we can't let them attack first! We're sending out Orteks all over their world to destroy their main Pyramidical Destroyercraft; you'll be one of these Orteks. What you basically have to do is fly through hordes of hostile triobots and their devices until you get to the PD. Then destroy it.
That is your mission.


  • Triobot Worker: A triangular robot with no weapons that tries to ram the enemy. The first enemy, aside from asteroids, to appear in the game.
  • Triobot Soldier: Equipped with a blaster that fires single blue shots straight forward. Appears starting from the second area of Tetreous Prime.
  • Triobot Tri-Shooter: A triangular, rotating machine with a blue glowing "eye" in the center, which shoots energy bolts in three directions from its tips. Appears starting from the third area of Tetreous Prime.

Pyramidal Destroyercraft: A very powerful Tribot attack vessel, which serves as the boss of Tetreous Prime. Appears as a massive triangular robot with wings at its sides. Moves from the top to the bottom of the screen slowly while using four attacks, one after the other:

  • Rapid-fires blue energy shots from the guns on the tips of its wings (each gun fires two streams of bolts). Can be avoided by staying between the two guns.
  • Rapid-fires two streams of blue energy shots from the tip. Avoidable by flying to the very top or bottom of the screen.
  • Fires volleys of blue energy shots in a circle from its tip. Stay far away to make dodging easier.
  • The massive triangle opens up, charges, and fires a massive blue beam straight forward. Much more damaging than the Destroyercraft's other attacks. Avoidable exactly like the second attack.


The reward for completing the stage is the TrioBlaster, which fires a spread of three blue bullets similar to the Tribots' projectiles. Not too powerful, but fires rapidly and has good coverage thanks to its spread, but may be too mana-expensive to be used early in the game.