A plant-like beast that hovers in the air using its propeller-like roots. It still needs to land regularly in order to burrow its roots into the ground to absorb nutrients.

In-game description

The Terrnip is the Stage 2 Magic beast from the Terra family in Beast Signer Alpha.


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Terrnips cannot be found in the wild. They are not used by any enemy signers, except for those participating in the Random Tournament.


Base Statistics
HP: 66
MP: 70
ATK: 25
DEF: 30
M.ATK: 69
M.DEF: 63
SPD: 66
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Terrnips learn Grassplosion, a Plant-type technique. They can also use any Plant or Geo techniques that their ancestors learned.


A Terrnip will evolve from a level 5 Grubb that used mostly marical attacks (at least n%). In Beast Signer Alpha, it cannot evolve any further. It was supposed to evolve into one of three beasts based on its actions in battle:

  • It is unknown what it would have become if it used mostly physical attacks.
  • If it used mostly magical attacks, it would have become a Treeid.
  • If it performed poorly, it would have become a Snapper.