Tattoo is a reptoid character who appears in Deliverance. He lives in Subprotaia. He seems to despise humans, and has been scarred in the past by them. When switched to Kerah, he can join you at the way to The Temple of Earth. She seems to be the only human he trusts. He is of the Aether element, and the first Aether character in-game. In the remake, Tattoo's going to be given a new race.


Tattoo can be initially found just north of Varanus. Having him in Kerah's party is the only way to dispel the glyph guarding the Earth Temple. As such,he is a necessary ally to advance the plot. After completing the Earth Temple,he reveals to Kerah that he was afraid to return to Varanus for some reason. When ascending to the surface,he leaves Kerah, explaining that it is dangerous for him to go to Tropicia, but actually having another nefarious reason. Sometime later he ransacks the Great Library of Aldea and attempts to destroy Aldea by raising an undead army, leaving the main character with the task of defeating him.

Battle (Ally)

Tattoo has well-balanced stats and starts with powerful equipment, enabling him to deal both physical and magical damage effectively. As Kerah is still very low-level when they meet, this allows him to remain effective against all of the area's stronger enemies until Kerah is adequately levelled to hold her own. He starts with a number of powerful Aether-elemental spells, but no attacks of the natural elements, which tends to make exploiting elemental weaknesses difficult.

Battle (Enemy)

See also Tattoo (Boss)
Even though he has relatively low health, poor defense, and does not have very devastating spells, he has no exploitable elemental weakness, so dealing great damage to him is pretty much impossible. He is also able to enfeeble the player's party, and cure large amounts of health to himself, which can complicate the battle. Defeating him causes Aldea to return to normal, and you will no longer be attacked by undead in the Aldean Catacombs.

Starting Skills

Name Element Components Properties MP
Soulburn Aether EmberSoul EtherealEssenceDeliverance
Bone Bone
DMG: 17-33 6
Spiritboost Aether FocusSoul EtherealEssenceDeliverance
MoonstoneDeliverance CrystalTears
SPR: +3  ?
Invigorate Aether PureSoul EtherealEssenceDeliverance
MugwortDeliverance MugwortDeliverance
HEAL: 63-84 6
Dispel Aether CleansingSoul EtherealEssenceDeliverance
CrystalBall CrystalBall
DISPEL: All 10



  • Tattoo is the only Aether-elemental ally in any of Pseudolonewolf's games.
  • Talking to Sslessesseth with Tattoo in the party has him recognise Tattoo as his brother Verloor, who was thought to be dead. However, Tattoo denies being Verloor.