Subprotaia is a complex of underground areas in Deliverance. It is also the home of the Reptoids in Proteus.

Plot Involvement

This place is quite important to the plot, as it takes most of the time in the game where Kerah is a playable character.


The Bat Cave

A small cave inhabited by bats. Its only exit leads to the eastern section Subprotaia. Kerah is teleported here after the events in the Lost Ruins for the start of Chapter 3.

East Section

A field area to the southeast of Varanus. As Kerah must pass through this section by herself when she first arrives in Subprotaia, the enemies here are weaker than those in the other sections.


Main article: Varanus

A large town of reptoids in the centre of Subprotaia.

Cave of Trials

A fairly small cave, accessed from the northeast exit of the Lava Lake. Its only purpose in the current version is in a sidequest.

Lava Lake

A underground lake of lava, accessed from the west exit of Varanus. The Earth Crystal is required to pass through this area, as the bridge across the lake was destroyed by humans.

Passage to Surface

The passage, accessed from the west exit of the Lava Lake, leads to the Proteus overworld.

North Section

The northern section of Subprotaia, accessed from the north exit of Varanus, is a fairly large field area that leads to the Temple of Earth. The powers of the Earth Crystal can provide a shortcut through the area, due to the large presence of lava pools.

Temple of Earth

Main article: Temple of Earth
The Temple of Earth, accessed from the northern section, is where the Earth Crystal is hidden. Tattoo must be in the party to break the seal in the entrance.

Mysterious Cave

The Mysterious Cave, accessed from the eastern section using the powers of the Earth Crystal, is an seemingly empty cave with a hex glyph in the centre. It has no purpose in the current version, but may become significant in the remake.

Monsters Encountered

Treasures Found