This page lists the spell components in Deliverance. Gemstones, which can be used as spell components, have a separate page.


A spell's battle animation and whether it is Physical or Magical depends on the soul used.

Many animations have a variable colour. This is generally based on the element, unless the spell is specifically coded otherwise.

If a spell contains any ESSENCE components, the first one in the spell determines the element. (In a spell forge, order is counterclockwise starting at the top.) Otherwise, the spell's element is the element shared by the most components, including the soul. In case of a tie, the order of precedence is Aether>Light>Dark>Air>Earth>Water>Fire.

Mana cost is the sum of all components' MP values rounded down, with 3 exceptions:

  • Any spell that should cost 0 MP costs 1 MP
  • If placed after a healing type-changer, stat-boosting components have an increased MP value.
  • Any skill with max dmg greater than 10 costs 2 additional MP

A spellbook is worth: (MP without damage boost)2.3 × 5 + 50

Damage values are rounded down after soul multipliers.

Transforms are exempt from many of the rules above. They have a special battle animation, an arbitrary MP cost that depends on the transform and are worth 0 gold.



Unobtainable Spell Components

These spell components can only be obtained through the GetItem console cheat. Note that some of these may be used in pre-built tomes, but they cannot be obtained from there since tomes cannot be taken apart into their components.