This page lists the songs included in the game Beast Signer Alpha.

Title Occasions Heard External Link
Theme Main Menu and character creation [1]
Remnant Colony Remnant Colony background music [2]
The Hub Background music: The Hub entrance [3]
Medication Background music: Dr. @'s waiting room and office [4]
Signer HQ Background music: The Hub [5]
Signer Centre Background music: The Hub Signer Club; Cathodia, Bikkerland and Stoaton Signer Centres [6]
Andarion's Theme When encountering Andarion in Cathodia [7]
Andarion Battle Battle music: Andarion (Cathodia) [8]
Normos Battle Battle music: All random battles in Normos and the VR Dungeon [9]
Normos Signer Battle Battle music: All standard signer battles [10]
Gym Leader Battle Battle music: Brent (Stoaton Gym) [11]
Mission Beast Battle Battle music: Gef (the Brown Stoat in Annoying Cave) [12]
Arena Battle Battle music: The Arena [13]
Normos Overworld Background music: Normos routes (day) [14]
Normos Nocturne Background music: Normos routes (night) [15]
Normos Town 1 Background music: Cathodia, Bikkerland [16]
Normos Town 2 Stoaton background music [17]
Normos Dungeon 1 Annoying Cave background music [18]
Gym Background music: The Arena, Stoaton Gym [19]
Normos Forest Cradlewood background music [20]
Unnamed Dungeon Music VR Dungeon background music N/A
Unnamed Victory Fanfare On winning a battle N/A

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