These beasts, born from the mutated data about jellyfish in some underwater simulation program, may be physically weak and soft of body, but their magical powers are not something to be ignored.

In-game description

The Silma is the Stage 2 magic form of the Droplet group.


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Silmas cannot be found in the wild. They are not used by any enemy signers, except for those participating in the Random Tournament.


Base Statistics
HP: 35
MP: 70
ATK: 14
DEF: 20
M.ATK: 74
M.DEF: 60
SPD: 40
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Silmas learn Aquamagia I, an Aqua-type technique. They can also use any Sea or Aqua techniques that their ancestors learned.


A Silma can be evolved from a Guppea. In the alpha version it cannot evolve again.


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