High Priest Shamash of SOLAK is a character in MARDEK.


The High Priest of SOLAK at the Sun Temple in the desert west of Aeropolis. Like the other priests, he's sworn a vow of celibacy and isolation, and spends all his time in the temple, worshipping a deity nobody's really fond of. He doesn't consider it a very fulfilling existence, but he'd never admit that, even to himself.


Shamash gives Mardek the ★ Warding Stone to place as his mission. He also tells Mardek that a mysterious man with an eyepatch came to the temple to visit. Once Mardek finished his quest, he gives Mardek the Solakian Platemail and 5000 coins as a reward.


Shamash seems to be fairly benevolent, and is of the Light element. There is not much his personality can be based off of, except that he thanks the knights graciously for their time after the Warding Stone quest is completed.



  • At the beginning of Chapter 3, Donovan asks Mardek to find him, and refers to him as 'the one with the silliest hat'.
  • Shamash, or Šamaš, was the common name of the sun god and god of justice in Babylon and Assyria.