The Goznor Shaman can brew you up a concoction which will allow you to breathe underwater, allowing you to reach the Water Temple under Lake Qur, but you must first bring him the necessary ingredients, which are:

- Water Essence x4
- Fish Scales x6
- Pixie Dust x1
- Serpent Crest x1
- Aquamarine x1

These can likely be found in Aeropolis, to the south.

In-game description

Shaman's Brew is a Quest in the MARDEK series.

More info

Walkthrough Speaking to the Goznor Shaman in Soothwood will trigger this essential sidequest.

First and foremost, head to Aeropolis, where most of the ingredients are sold.

  • One Water Essence is sold in the magic shop, and four more by pedlars around Aeropolis. Moreover, some may be dropped by Axolotls as well.
  • You should have some Fish Scales from Sekils in Sun Temple. If not, you can hunt for some in the various places, like the Soothwood, or buy four from the pedlar in front of armour shop, and another from the pedlar in front of Yalortian Monastery.
  • Pixie Dust can be obtained by defeating just one Rogue Fairy or Pixie. Alternatively, you can buy it from the Fairy merchant in Fairy Spring.
  • Aquamarine can be bought from the pedlar at Market Street. Or you can find three in Serpent's Lair.

Next head to Serpent's Lair, which is in Lifewood. ★ Serpent Crest is dropped when you defeat the resident Mr Serpent.

With all the ingredients ready, head back to Soothwood for your Shaman's Brew.

Rewards Oxyale x4/8/16/32. Anytime your supply of oxyale is used up, speak to the shaman and he will give you four more.