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Security Demon
MARDEK Chapter 3 Optional Boss
Security Demon
Element: Glyph Light Light
Class: Demon
EXP: 10000
(This monster is not listed in the in-game encyclopaedia, so it has no description.)
Battle Music: Flee!
Location: Warport
HP: 60000 MP: 999
STR: 30 VIT: 30 SPR: 30 AGL: 20
ATK: 50 DEF: 10 MDEF: 10 EVA: 0
Level HP Locations
50 60000 Warport
Elemental Resistance
Glyph Fire 50% Glyph Water 50% Glyph Air 200% Glyph Earth 100%
Glyph Light 200% Glyph Dark 0% Glyph Aether -50% Glyph Fig -100%
Glyph Physical 10% Glyph Thauma -100% Glyph Divine 0%
Status Resistance
Poison 40% Paralysis 60% Numb 80% Silence 30%
Curse 100% Confusion 50% Sleep 100% Darkness 50%
Bleed 100% ZombieStatus 100% Berserk 10%
Name Element Type Description Cost
Attack Glyph Physical Physical Deals damage to one target. May hit critically. 0 MP
Dark Claw Glyph Dark Physical Deals damage to one target. May inflict Darkness Blindness (10%). 10 MP
Blood Claw Glyph Dark Physical Deals damage to one target. Lowers VIT by 1-2. Inflicts Bleed Bleed (100%). 20 MP
Solar Flare Glyph Light Magical Deals damage to all targets. 10 MP
Thunderstorm Glyph Air Magical Deals damage to all targets. 16 MP
Death Glyph Dark Magical Hits one target. May instantly KO (90%). Inaccurate. 20 MP
Curse Glyph Dark Magical Hits all targets. May inflict Curse Curse (80%). 10 MP
Gold Warport Pass ★ Gold Warport Pass 100%
  • After obtaining a Gold Warport Pass, it is no longer possible to battle the Security Demon. If the Security Demon is defeated, then the regular ★ Warport Ticket can be kept permanently.
  • Starts the battle with Haste and Regen.
  • The Security Demon is one of the only three monsters to have resistance or a weakness to Thauma, with the other two monsters are being Carpioneiros and the Bone Demon.
  • A list of strategies can be found here.
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