A natural cave complex beneath the Sun Temple. Volcanic activity below causes the sands to be constantly shifting, flowing up and down the walls. What do you mean, "volcanic activity wouldn't cause that"? Well, it must be magic, then. Yes. A wizard did it.

Encyclopaedia description

The Sandflow Caves are a location in MARDEK. They serve as a connector between the Sun Temple, Xantusia, the Dark Temple and the Miasmal Citadel.


Monster formations

Random (all areas except passage onward from Xantusia):


Treasures found

Southern area

Northwestern area

Small cave

Northern area

Northeastern area

Path to Miasmal Citadel



A full map of the area, using in-game graphics, with treasures, reptoid warriors, save points, boss locations, gem switches/gates, secret passages, and exits marked can be found here.

Playable Characters

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