Sally is the girl Clarence meets through the Internet in Clarence's Big Chance. In the game, she can have one of three randomised names: Sally, Gertrude or Wanda (although her official canon name is Sally). Her personality changes with each playthrough.


Clarence's Big Chance

Sally is a girl that Clarence managed to meet on an online dating site one night. They chatted together, with Sally under the username StrawberryGirl54 and Clarence Mr StudMuffin69. Eventually, they agreed to meet together on a date. During Clarence's daily routine, he manages to look up information on her in order to woo her.

At a restaurant at night, Sally is surprised on Clarence's actual self but is still impressed by him. When the date ends, she offers Clarence a ride back to her place, with Clarence being impressed by how the night ends. Sally manages to bond with her date even more although she didn't know that he knew information about her beforehand. Nevertheless, the two of them eventually get married and have a supposedly wild honeymoon.

Clarence RPG

Notice This section contains information about a game that is currently unreleased.

Sally later becomes rather fed up with having a dim-witted oaf for a husband, and starts to doubt whether it will work out in the long term.

Clarence and Sally decide to go to a fancy restaurant together, to try and bring some spark back into their marriage, but it proves to be tedious for Sally. While getting frustrated at Clarence, a nice man, Ernest Love, starts talking to her and genuinely amusing her and cheering her up. He's not some suave flirtatious sex animal; he's bookish and stodgy, but nice and polite... unlike Clarence, and Sally starts growing attached to him simply because he's everything that Clarence is not.