SHUMBRA is a Mid-Level Elemental Deity who has control of the Dark element.


(from a book in the Aeropolis Library in MARDEK)

Deities: The Moral Ones
SHUMBRA, The Caliginous Warlock, is the Elemental Deity of Darkness. He's usually depicted as a humanoid adorned in ceremonial black feathers, with a blind head, a snout full of fangs, twisted into a malicious snarl. He is thoroughly evil, and deceitful; he is the shadow that lurks in the night. He thrives on fear and misery.
He tends to be worshipped by tricksters, thieves, and sadistic or selfish people, as he helps out people who do things for their own benefit without considering anyone else.


There is also a ★ Talisman of SHUMBRA that you can find in the Dark Temple and give to the Aeropolis museum curator for a reward.

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