SAPPHIROSMAGORIATHANJATEPMIOS (saff-ih-ross-ma-Gore-ee-ah-Thanya-tep-me-oas) is the deity of the cyrians. He's also called 'SAPPHIROS' or the 'Sapphire Serpent'.


SAPPHIROSMAGORIATHANJATEPMIOS (saff-ih-ross-ma-Gore-ee-ah-Thanya-tep-me-oas) is the ludicrously-named deity of the cyrians. He's depicted as a humongous blue serpent with four wings, and an arrogant, pompous, superior attitude, which his cyrians share. His Holy Symbol is the 'Sapphire Ankh', and his followers are know as Sapphites.


Like all Deities, he prefers to stay out of the affairs of most mortals.


  • Arkus Zei, the main character of Raider, uses the word "SAPPHIROS" in the same way that humans in Earth would use the word 'God', since SAPPHIROSMAGORIATHANJATEPMIOS is the deity of his race, the Cyrians.
  • His name obviously is not a reference to how the chorus sings "Sephiroth" in One Winged Angel. Nope, not at all.

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