Their armour is made of an extremely strong metal. They curl into balls, to protect themselves, and to roll into enemies as an attack and across the terrain as a form of locomotion.

In-game description

The Rolmar is the Stage 3 power-balanced form of the Horizon group.


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Rolmars were removed from the game before it was released, so although their data still exists, they do not appear anywhere.


Base Statistics
HP: 80
MP: 50
ATK: 82
DEF: 110
M.ATK: 40
M.DEF: 40
SPD: 60
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Rolmars learn Natural Armour, a Saur-type technique. They can also use any Saur or Geo techniques that their ancestors learned.


A Rolmar should evolve from Shakasi, but it is disabled in the alpha version. It does not evolve again.


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