Rohoph is an annunaki, an ex-member of the Governance de Magi, and one of the main characters in the MARDEK series. He resides inside Mardek's body.


A strange being who arrived on Belfan when his 'flying chariot' came crashing down from the heavens. What he's doing here is unknown, but on arrival his original body was killed, and he came to inhabit Mardek's body alongside him.


Rohoph was once a member of the Governance de Magi, the ruling body of the worlds dominated by the Annunaki race. He left Anshar to escape being executed after attempting to destroy the Violet Crystal that warped the other Governors' minds and maddened them (however the GdM doesn't choose anyone to succeed him as the Light governor). On the way to Belfan, his ship crashed and he perished in the blast, but was able to transfer his soul to Mardek who happened to be in the ship at the time. He guided Mardek, giving him various light abilities that he himself possesses.

When travelling in the Dreamrealm and Astral Realm, Rohoph's body is shown instead of Mardek's due to the nature of the realms and Mardek's inability to access the realms himself.

During the end of Chapter 3, after watching Akhmed Wobblescimitare's play, Rohoph severs the bond between Mardek and Elwyen by harshly insulting her (unbeknownst to Elwyen, Rohoph was actually talking, even with the knowledge Rohoph exists). Rohoph fears Mardek's emotional bond will ultimately ruin him and his plans to fix the Governance de Magi (Rohoph mentions this in his P-dialogue). Mardek, angry at Rohoph's treatment of Elwyen, confronts him, stating that he is not as pure as he thought he is, which angers Rohoph more and he silences Mardek.


Despite being somewhat good-natured in the first and second chapters of the series, in the third chapter it is revealed that Rohoph has some sense of paranoia, which was apparently greatly amplified by the Violet Crystal. He kills Qualna due to the fact that he does not trust him, even after making a promise not to use the soul sealing spell on him. He separates Elwyen from Mardek during MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones, believing her to be a threat to him. He is concerned that if Mardek becomes emotionally linked to his companions, his enemies could use them against him, for example through forcing him to sacrifice himself to save them. He also thinks that all of Mardek's friends will betray him one day - similar to how the rest of the Governance de Magi did to him. As a result, he doesn't allow Mardek to be close to his friends and severs all emotional bonds from Mardek. According to an off comment by Qualna after fighting the King of Goznor, he appears to have a dissenting opinion of humans, but has thus far hidden it due to the situation.



Being a member of the Governance de Magi, Rohoph has powerful Light-based abilities. He can heal other allies in battle and can teleport others as well. He also has a ship, or that is what we think, but the one he used to escape is one of the so called 'gallopers', smaller than Moric's battleship, and unable to resist Belfan's gravitational anomaly like Moric's Battleship.

Though Rohoph's weapon of choice is never truly stated, he seems skilled enough with a sword and shield while in the Dreamrealm, though he may have learned how to use these weapons from Mardek.



  • Rohoph's corpse in Chapter 1 and his appearance in the Dreamrealm are varied: in his initial appearance he wears a long white robe, however in the Dreamrealm he wears armour similar to Mardek, but without the helmet.
  • According to Pseudolonewolf, Rohoph was the name of a human wizard person in a Neverwinter Nights module that he made years ago.
  • Rohoph's Alignment is stated to be Lawful Good, but it may have changed due to the effects of the Violet Crystal.