Difficulty Differences

Notice There are no difficulty differences in Raider: The Adventures of Arkus Zei.

Note that there can be slightly different level design depending on difficulty


"Recommended for everyone UNFAMILIAR WITH THIS LEVEL, regardless of your skill in other games."

  • The player has infinite lives, you can't get a game over.
  • Each life starts with 7HP.
  • Power-ups appear more frequently.
  • The 1up power-up doesn't appear.
  • 100 point score penalty at the end of a level, making it impossible to get anything higher than a C ranking.
  • Spikes do 1HP damage.


"Recommended for players familiar with the level or new players who feel masochistic."

  • The player starts with 5 lives.
  • Each life starts with 5HP.
  • Spikes do 2HP damage.
  • No score deduction at the end.


"Select this if you're already familiar with the level and want a challenge. Of if you're in the mood for frustration."

  • Must complete the level on Intermediate mode first.
  • The player starts with 3 lives.
  • Each life starts with 3HP.
  • Purple checkpoints are replaced with green ones.
  • Power-ups appear less frequently.
  • Spikes are instant death.


Power-ups may appear from defeated enemies. They can also be found in treasure chests in Raider: The Adventures of Arkus Zei.

Small Health


Small Health

Will restore 1HP, if HP is full then it will rise exp by a small amount.

Full Health


Full Health

Will fully restore HP, if HP is already full, then it will fill exp by a larger amount.

Extra Life


Extra Life

This will increase your lives by one. Doesn't appear on Easy.

Ranks and Score Calculation

Notice This is currently not implemented in Raider: The Adventures of Arkus Zei, it is unknown if it will be.

At the end of a level, a rank from E (Worst) to S (Best) is given depending on performance in the level. Rank is calculated on speed, deaths, and relics collected.


Relics are collectible objects hidden in secret rooms throughout the levels. Each relic is worth 20 points.

Ideal Time

There is an ideal time for completion of each level. Completing the level faster or at the ideal time will give the player 100 points; slower times give a fraction of 100.