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New Raider is a currently unnamed platformer. It is an "upgraded" version of the now abandoned Raider, it has the same sprites and gameplay, but it has a world map and more enemies. It consists of the original story in its five parts, but with completely redesigned maps. The levels will hopefully be easier and more 'fun' and Arkus will be able to move in more interesting ways.


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The gameplay is planned to be a little bit more RPG like with many new and fun features. These might include (as said by Pseudolonewolf on the 3rd of June 2010):

  1. The original sword that was used in Raider Episodes 1 and 2.
  2. The blaster that was used in the first and second Raider instalments.
  3. A jump boost which allows the player to jump much higher.
  4. The famous double jump, which, well... allows you to double jump!
  5. A wall cling (or wall jump) power up gives the player an ability to jump from one side of the wall to the next. This will be useful when trying to get into a location that is placed somewhere high.
  6. Sprint allows you to extend your running speed.
  7. A shield like in Raider Zero that will stop the enemy attacks and (might) even reflect enemy shots.
  8. An upgraded version of the original blaster. You will be able to kill monsters that you were not able to kill with the normal blaster.
  9. The better version of the sword, which will allow you to destroy cracked blocks. These would open up new locations and unveil secrets.
  10. It is said that there will be 2 upgrades to the oxygen tank that you use when swimming underwater. The first would make your oxygen bar decrease much slower and the other would completely remove the oxygen bar.
  11. The space suit would unlock many "bonus missions" which are apparently placed on asteroids.
  12. When you fire the hookshot, it will attach to a wall in-front of you and will drag you to it. This would be useful for 'flying' over big un-jumpable holes.
  13. Hover boots. These will allow you to hover. Other features are unknown for now.
  14. Electric orbs could be used offensively against enemies or they just might be used for puzzles, like activating a power generator for example.
  15. Fire balls will melt ice blocks or could be used against enemies, like electric orbs.
  16. Icicle shot. This will put out fires or freeze enemies so the player could stand on them and reach high platforms.

Note that these features are not confirmed so some of them might not end up in the final version of the game.


It has been announced, and a little work started on it, but very little progress has been made. Pseudolonewolf had planned to start work on it in 2011, after finishing the Miasmon series and the first chapter of the Deliverance remake, but it is now 2018. He still plans on working on it.

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