Raider: Episode 3 is the third episode in the Raider series of games by Pseudolonewolf. It is abandoned.


Raider: Episode 3 will be a 2D platformer with pixelated graphics reminisect of the SNES era of platformers. Another NES-eque quality is Raider's difficulty. Pseudolonewolf had intended to make the Raider games easier than Raider Zero, but they ended up being quite challenging. He then decided "should use this as one of the main points of the game" hoping "that people would play it, fail, and then keep trying and trying because they just needed to conquer it... I was hoping that the difficulty would draw people back to it many times and gain a reputation for the game rather than just making it another generic, forgettable platformer" but he now fears "the game would just be rejected and hated because it's TOO hard... "


The third episode is said to be set on an icy planet. It will incoporate water somehow.

New Raider

Raider 3 will be replaced by New Raider - one game consisting of the original story in its five parts, but with completely redesigned maps. The levels will hopefully be easier and more 'fun' and Arkus will be able to move in more interesting ways.

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