You might be looking for Qualna as a character.

Qualna is actually a reluctant fighter; he specialises in talking. As such, he's rather timid and anxious and doesn't seem to fight with his full force. He wields an odd weapon named 'Aquila'.

Encyclopaedia description

Qualna is an enemy in MARDEK.


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Main form

Possible equipment



16000 999
STR: 20 VIT: 20 SPR: 33 AGL: 18
ATK: Base: 5
Aquila: 40
DEF: 0 MDEF: 0 EVA: 0

Elemental resistance

Glyph Fire Fire Glyph Water Water Glyph Air Air Glyph Earth Earth
50% 50% 50% 50%
Glyph Light Light Glyph Dark Dark Glyph Aether Aether Glyph Fig Fig
0% 0% 200% -100%
Glyph Physical Physical Glyph Thauma Thauma Glyph Divine Divine
0% 0% 0%

Status resistance

Poison Poison Paralysis Paralysis Numb Numbness Silence Silence
50% 50% 50% 50%
Curse Curse Confusion Confusion Sleep Sleep Darkness Blindness
90% 50% 50% 50%
Bleed Bleed ZombieStatus Zombie Berserk Berserk
10% 100% 100%


AttackAetherPhysicalDeals damage to one target. May hit critically.0 MP
Ether ClonesAetherMagicalSummons up to three Aether Clones of Mardek automatically at Level 30, with all his currently equipped equipment. Only used while below 40% HP. Can only be used once per battle.20 MP
HasteAirMagicalGives self Haste Haste (100%). Only used while below 30% HP. Can only be used once per battle.6 MP
BubbleWaterMagicalDeals damage to one target. Only used on targets with Water resistance below 50%.6 MP
BlazeFireMagicalDeals damage to one target. Only used on targets with Fire resistance below 50%.6 MP
ThunderboltAirMagicalDeals damage to one target. Only used on targets with Air resistance below 50%.6 MP
StonesplosionEarthMagicalDeals damage to one target. Only used on targets with Earth resistance below 50%.6 MP
Solar FlareLightMagicalDeals damage to one target. Only used on targets below 60% HP.12 MP
VoidDarkMagicalDeals damage to one target. Only used on targets below 60% HP.12 MP
Spirit NovaAetherMagicalDeals damage to one target, equal to 50% of their current HP. Only used on targets below 60% HP.20 MP
Shield BreakPhysicalPhysicalDeals damage to one target. Dispels Shield Shield (100%) and MShield Magic Shield (100%). Has a high chance of hitting critically.0 MP
Arcane CataclysmAetherMagicalDeals high damage to all targets. Lowers SPR and MDEF by 2.6 MP



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