Povos Minor is a tiny, tiny planet that nobody cares about. It has only one town and a sentient population a human could count on their fingers. However, it has some nice scenery!

Physical Characteristics

Unlike many Type B worlds, which have continents floating in vast oceans, the surface of Povos Minor consists mainly of land, and its 'oceans' are basically large lakes. Most of the land is vast, grassy, open plains, though there are also large forests and extensive mountain ranges.


Povos Minor doesn't have any natural satellites.


Basically, there aren't many sentient creatures living on Povos Minor. There's a single human settlement - a village called Poorton - and so everyone on the planet knows everyone else. The humans rarely venture out of their small village, and they don't exactly have a culture as such... They are not natural to the planet, though; the humans in Poorton are the descendants of a crew of spacefaring humans who crashed on the tiny planet hundreds of years ago, and, having no way of leaving, decided to live there instead. The crew had lost all of their high technology and had no way of reproducing it, so they were forced to hunt for food with basic sword-like weapons made from the debris of their ship. Over time they forgot about technology completely... Since everyone on Povos Minor is descended from those few humans, they're all related... They're not the sharpest tools in the shed because of that. They also have no technology greater than a mediaeval level.


Povos Minor is a low-levelled world. The Monsters there are weak, and not very diverse. They shouldn't be a problem any adventurers... except maybe those who're just starting.

Places of Interest

  • Poorton
  • Cave of Destiny
  • Yalortian Monastery
  • Pockmyre