ONEIROS is a Lesser Archetype Deity for dreams.


(from a book in the Aeropolis Library in MARDEK)

Deities: ONEIROS
ONEIROS, The Dreamweaver, is a True Neutral aethereal deity, who has specific control and power over the Dreamrealm. It is usually portrayed as a huge whale-like beast, with iridescent skin like a shifting rainbow, which lulls to sleep and creates dreamscapes with its mesmerising song.
People pray to ONEIROS for a good night's sleep and pleasant dreams, and often seek out its counsel when trying to interpret particularly significant dreams that they may have had.


  • In MARDEK, there is also a ★ Talisman of ONEIROS that can be found in the Dreamcave, which allows all party members to enter Dream Circles.
  • In Greek mythology, the Oneiroi (singular Oneiros) are minor gods personifying dreams.

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