A binary star system, with the two stars Girru, the dominant, and Nusku, which orbits it. Every hundred years the systems come close to each other, and the star and planets from a system can be observed from the other system. Though this system is out-of-the-way and generally ignored in galactic affairs, it is the home of the Annunaki and setting of the MARDEK series.

Planets in the Nusku System

Planets in the Girru System

  • Girru I ('Frit')
  • Belfan
  • Girru III ('Ramal')
  • Girru IV ('Gorathmia')


  • Nusku (or Nusku-Girru) was the name of the light and fire-god in Babylonia and Assyria. The Fire Guardian of Belfan is named Girru for the same reason.
  • Dur-Sharrukin and Nineveh were both capital cities of Assyria. Kalḫu, or Nimrud, is another city in the area.
  • Anshar was a sky-god of Babylonia. The Saucer Cult thinks of its inhabitants in the same way.
  • Nineveh (in-game) is where Mardek's father was born. It's evident that he arrived on Belfan via the Goldfish, which was found underground in the Sandflow Caves.