Ngregka is a small world in the Draco System, inhabited by the 'semi-sentient' Sythoids.

Physical Characteristics

Ngregka is a hot, barren, rocky planet. It's not somewhere you'd want to live, anyway! But that's probably largely due to the fact that the atmosphere consists of mostly toxic gases.


It is debated as to whether Ngregka is actually inhabited by the Sythoids, or whether they are just beasts that live there. The Sythoids aren't fully sentient, but they're all cyborgs, and as such possess a form of evolving and learning Artificial Intelligence. They have no technology apart from their bodies (which they didn't originally design), and cannot communicate with other races, though they can communicate amongst themselves. They live animalistic lives and seem to take no concern in the workings of the galaxy, though they do attack any aliens that try to take their planet.


The Monsters and Sythoids on Ngregka are all high-levelled.