For the character, see Muriance Pharezos Ae-Bross.

He's back! The Bandit Chief that you defeated in Chapter 2 seems to have made himself some kind of recurring villain... but wasn't that obvious from the fact that he had his own battle music?

He still searches for the crystals, and swears that one day, ONE DAY, he'll get them.

Encyclopaedia description

Muriance is an enemy in MARDEK.


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Main form

Possible equipment

noneHorned Helm
Horned Helm
Bandit Leather +5
Bandit Leather +5
Green Fairy
Green Fairy
Yellow Fairy
Yellow Fairy


7640 412
STR: 13 VIT: 12 SPR: 16 AGL: Base: 14
Bandit Leather +5: 21
ATK: Base: 5
Taurus: 60
DEF: Base: 0
Horned HelmBandit Leather +5: 10
MDEF: Base: 0
Bandit Leather +5: 7
EVA: 0

Elemental resistance

Glyph Fire Fire Glyph Water Water Glyph Air Air Glyph Earth Earth
-20% 0% Base: 20%
Bandit Leather +5: 70%
Glyph Light Light Glyph Dark Dark Glyph Aether Aether Glyph Fig Fig
0% 0% 90% 0%
Glyph Physical Physical Glyph Thauma Thauma Glyph Divine Divine
0% 0% 0%

Status resistance

Poison Poison Paralysis Paralysis Numb Numbness Silence Silence
10% Base: 60%
Bandit Leather +5: 100%
90% 90%
Curse Curse Confusion Confusion Sleep Sleep Darkness Blindness
90% 50% 50% 50%
Bleed Bleed ZombieStatus Zombie Berserk Berserk
20% 100% 100%


AttackPhysicalPhysicalDeals damage to one target.0 MP
ThunderstormAirMagicalDeals damage to all targets. May inflict Paralysis Paralysis (10%).6 MP
ThunderboltAirMagicalDeals damage to one target. May inflict Paralysis Paralysis (50%).6 MP
Sleeping GasAirMagicalHits all targets. May inflict Sleep Sleep (80%).7 MP
Fig JuiceNoneItemHeals self for 2000 HP. Only used while below 30% HP. Can only be used once per battle.0 MP
MirrilixirLightItemGives self Shield Shield (100%) and MShield Magic Shield (100%). Can only be used once per battle.0 MP
REACTION: CounterattackPhysicalPhysicalDeals damage to one target. Used as a counter to physical or magical attacks.0 MP



  • Muriance will always use Mirrilixir round 1.
  • Starts the battle with Regen and Haste.


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