Mugbert Eh-Mugdu is a character in MARDEK.


Mugbert serves as the final boss of chapter 1. Named as a bully, Mardek and Deugan stop him from bullying them by beating him with sticks. In Chapter 2, he mans the item shop; in chapter 3 he seems to have found his true calling in acting.


He serves as the final boss of chapter 1. He works in the item shop in Goznor in chapter 2. He's also featured in the play that can be watched after Qualna's defeat. He plays the role of Maurice, which is essentially Muriance, but Maurice's role in the play is more similar to The Dragon's in Mardek and Deugan's imagination.

Vital stats

Chapter 1

  • STR: 13
  • VIT: 15
  • SPR: 6
  • AGL: 6


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