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Mosa Village is a location in The Rise of Yalortism. It is a town on the Planet Oreon, and is where the game starts. This is Boris's home town.


  • Boris
  • Wolf Bandit
  • Cultling
  • Theologist

Monster formations

  • Cultling x1


This is where the main character, Boris, has lived his entire life. One morning, a Cultling shows up at his door and fights him. After defeating him, he tells you to go to the Monastery, as he believes that Boris is the next Prophet.


In Mosa Village, there is a general store, an inn, Boris's house, and several other houses.

Treasures found

  • Dagger x1
  • 72 gold total
  • Potion x3


General Store

  • Potion (100 gold)
  • Dagger (5 gold)
  • YewWand (200 gold)
  • Short Sword (240 gold)
  • Long Sword (800 gold)
  • Rapier (300 gold)
  • Buckler (24 gold)
  • Wooden Shield (80 gold)
  • CottonCape (300 gold)
  • CottonJacket (150 gold)
  • CommonTunic (20 gold)
  • LeatherArmour (100 gold)
  • CottonTrousers (60 gold)
  • LeatherTrousers (80 gold)
  • LeatherGloves (112 gold)
  • LeatherBoots (40 gold)
  • LeatherShoes (22 gold)


  • There is a locked house in the upper portion of the village. It is unknown if it will become important.