A potent potion with a silvery, reflective texture, like a liquid mercury. Drinking it gives the imbiber P.Shield and M.Shield status effects.

In-game description

Mirrilixir is an item in MARDEK.


The Mirrilixir is a simple grey bottle with a brown cork. Around the bottle are two strands of string, one light blue and one dark purple.


Properties Gives Shield and M Shield
As ingredient Mythril Platemail


In chest
As drop Mystery Man (100%)
From recipe ×1 at Gloria's Cauldron:


  • Used by Mystery Man.
  • Used by Muriance in chapter 3.
  • Assuming no one dies, the player can use this as a Potion Spray item to essentially apply the effects of the Blue and Purple fairies to all teammates. Of course, this does require Meraeador, but this is not particularly bad as he has potent support skills. Speaking of Meraedor, this makes the Mirrors obsolete assuming the player amasses a couple of Mirrilixir beforehand.