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A Yalortian Monastery, lost to the forest a century ago. The priests who dwelt here succumbed to madness, and their very souls were bound to the crumbling ruins, to haunt it as undead and spirits.

Encyclopaedia description

The Lost Monastery is a dungeon in MARDEK.


Vehrn receives a quest in Aeropolis to bring back a stone from the Lost Monastery. Talking with the Lifewood Shaman reveals a path to the monastery by traversing the Dreamrealm. Legion reveals the password to the monastery, and the party enters to recover the stone.

Monster formations

Random (lower two levels):
Note that all random battles stop after defeating the Fallen High Priest.

  • Rot Rat x3
  • Rot Rat x4
  • Fallen Cultling x3
  • Fallen Cultling x4
  • Chaosoul x3
  • Chaosoul x4
  • Rot Rat x2, Fallen Cultling x2
  • Rot Rat x1, Chaosoul x2
  • Rot Rat x2, Chaosoul x1
  • Fallen Cultling x2, Chaosoul x2


Treasures found








A full map of the area, using in-game graphics, with treasures, exits, boss locations, and gem switches/gates marked can be found here.


  • 'Baked Fish', the password needed to enter the monastery, is a reference to the Yalortian Holiday Baked Fish Day.
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