This page contains a list of the locations in MARDEK and a world map. Click an area node on the map to go the location's page.

Moric's BattleshipWater TempleSandflow CavesXantusiaSandflow CavesDark TempleSandflow CavesFire TempleEarth TempleDreamwoodSerpent's LairLost MonasteryCrash SiteSoothwoodHeroes' DenGoznorCastle GoznorGem MineGuardpostEastern GlensCambriaLake QurCanoniaCanonia WoodsTainted GrottoDreamcaveSaul's DungeonDreamrealm - Canonia WoodsDreamrealm - Tainted GrottoWarportWarportDesert PathSun TempleAeropolisCrimson PeakLifewoodTrilobite CaveAstral TunnelMiasmal CitadelDreamshrineBelfanCentralMap
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List of locations

Notice Locations are listed as they appear in the in-game Encyclopaedia in Chapter 3.
  1. Belfan
  2. Goznor (Map)
  3. Heroes' Den (Map)
  4. Soothwood (Map)
  5. Crash Site (Map)
  6. Castle Goznor (Map)
  7. Gem Mine (Map)
  8. Eastern Glens (Map)
  9. Trilobite Cave (Map)
  10. Cambria (Map)
  11. Lake Qur (Map)
  12. Canonia (Map)
  13. Canonia Woods (Map)
  14. Tainted Grotto (Map)
  15. Goznor Sewer (Map)
  16. Catacombs (Map)
  17. Moric's Battleship (Map)
  18. Sun Temple (Map)
  19. Sandflow Caves (Map)
  20. Xantusia (Map)
  21. Dark Temple (Map)
  22. Aeropolis (Map)
  23. Lifewood (Map)
  24. Dreamwood (Map)
  25. Lost Monastery (Map)
  26. Earth Temple (Map)
  27. Water Temple (Map)
  28. Crimson Peak (Map)
  29. Fire Temple (Map)
  30. Miasmal Citadel (Map)
  31. Dreamshrine (Map)

Unlisted locations


  • In Chapter 1, the sixth encyclopaedia entry is the Goznor Sewers. In subsequent chapters, the sixth entry is Castle Goznor.
  • The Goznor Sewers, the Catacombs, and Moric's Battleship cannot be accessed in Chapter 3.

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