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Pretend, using childish imagination, that one is a Mighty Hero to perform special skills!

In-game description

Imagination is the skillset used by Child Mardek and Child Deugan in MARDEK. It is only available in Chapter 1, and has no effect on later chapters.

List of skills

Glyph Physical
AP: 5
Attack fiercely. More powerful than an average attack, but less accurate.
Learned From
Learnable By Child Mardek, Child Deugan
Formula (2 × ATK - DEF) × STR × level / 50 ± 10%, where:
  • The solution is the damage dealt;
  • ATK is the user's ATK;
  • STR is the user's STR;
  • level is the user's level; and
  • DEF is the target's DEF.
Notes Has an accuracy of 60%.
Glyph Physical
AP: 5
MP: 4
Take a few deep breaths to regain your wind and carry on fighting.
Learned From Tunic
Learnable By Child Mardek, Child Deugan
Formula (12 x level + MDEF) x SPR x level / 50 ± 30%, where:
  • The solution is the damage healed;
  • level is the user's level;
  • MDEF is the user's MDEF; and
  • SPR is the user's SPR.
Unique Skills
Passive Skills
By Character

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