Heirubeus is a potential monster in Miasmon. It is an evolution of Carminymph.

Its evolutionary line would be regal, representing kings, and I tried to get that across through the crown-like mark on Heirubeus's head.

Oh, and their types would be as follows:

Heirubeus: Courage ~ Insectoid / Warrior ~ Transient
-Pseudolonewolf, on the evolutionary family

Types: Insectoid / Flame

Stage: Transient

The evolved form of Carminymph. Its wings - which appear to be made of pure energy - constantly flicker in and out of existence, but rarely flap.

Design Notes

Those wings are completely impractical, but looks are all that really matter with these monsters since it's not like they obey the laws of physics!

I designed this around the time I designed Sinistoat and Pebbill, back in February, though this is the first time I've drawn a full coloured version thing.

Its name comes from 'Heir' - because Carminymph and Cyanymph have 'royalty' as a theme, the transient form being a prince and princess; the golden pattern on the head is meant to represent a crown - and 'rubeus' (Latin for red... maybe).
-Bestiary entry on


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