Gruul is a potential monster in Miasmon. It is meant to evolve into Graarl, with a possible secondary evolutionary path to Wolflare.

This is one of the monsters that you encounter in the wild early on in the game, sort of like Rattata or Bidoof or Sentret or those kinds of things.

Another Miasmon! Also a design that I've done before, though never in this style! I'm not sure about it... It seems to be difficult to draw creatures with snouts at this angle in a way that I'm satisfied with... OH WELL. I don't necessarily have to use all of these designs; I'm mainly just experimenting with a style here!

It would be a Bestial/Courage Essent miasmon!1
-Pseudolonewolf, on the second drawing

Type: Bestial

Gruuls are common, basic monsters, which you'll probably find near the start of the game; you could compare them to Rattata or Bidoof. They're physically-focused, with good attack and poor magical attack and defence.

They're commonly seen accompanying rookie trainers, since they're relatively tame and easy to find.
-Bestiary entry on

Gruul (Essent) might have Wolflare amongst its prime forms too (though it'd probably take special circumstances to get there, and you'd usually get Gruul's 'normal' grey werewolf-like prime form instead).


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