Despite the fact that none of the houses in Goznor have plumbing of any kind, the town has an extensive underground sewer complex! It's full of vile rat monsters. The oldest parts of the sewers have long been sealed off because they became a den for vicious monsters.

Encyclopaedia description

The Goznor Sewer is a dungeon in MARDEK. It is one of the first dungeons that is available to visit in the game, although the sewers cannot be fully explored until chapter 2.


In Chapter 1, Mardek and Deugan venture into the sewers as part of an optional sidequest to kill Fumerats in order to collect LeadPipes for Meraeador, who needs them to finish his Metal Man. After collecting the items, he gives the boys a Cog Necklace.

In Chapter 2, Goznor gets invaded by Moric, who sends undead to attack the town. Mardek and his allies receive a key from Medium Priest Gallovar which allows them to venture deeper into the sewers to find the source. They eventually confront Moric in the Catacombs.

This area is blocked (along with the Catacombs) in Chapter 3 by a roleplayer dressed as a zombie, possibly to make room for the various new areas in the game.

Monster formations

Level 1

Level 2

  • Ooze x2
  • Zombie x2
  • Zombie x3
  • Pestilent x2
  • Pestilent x3
  • Miasmurine x2
  • Miasmurine x3
  • PoorGoblin x2
  • Ooze x1, Corpse Drinker x2
  • Zombie x1, Pestilent x2
  • Zombie x2, Pestilent x1
  • Zombie x2, Pestilent x2
  • Pestilent x1, Miasmurine x2
  • Miasmurine x1, PoorGoblin x1
  • Miasmurine x2, PoorGoblin x1
  • Ooze x1, Zombie x1, Pestilent x1

Treasures found



  • Upper left path from entrance
  • Lower left path from entrance, upper part of left treasure chamber
  • Lower left path from entrance, lower part of left treasure chamber
  • Lower left path from entrance, lower branch
  • Right path from entrance, lower path, upper branch
  • Right path from entrance, lower path, lower right branch
  • Southeast part of main 'island', accessed through north entrance of array of bridges in southeast part of the map
  • Lowest passage in the map, accessed though south entrance of array of bridges
  • Isolated chest in north of map
Playable Characters