Governance de Magi

All Governance de Magi members, except Rohoph.

The Governance de Magi (sometimes abbreviated as 'GdM') are a group of seven powerful annunaki that rule Anshar. They serve as the main antagonists of the MARDEK series, appearing in all three chapters. Each member has mastery over a particular Element, and a corresponding personality.


According to Rohoph in MARDEK Chapter 2: A New Hero, the Governance de Magi was a benevolent and orderly government until they were corrupted by the Violet Crystal, a strange meteorite which twists the minds of those around it. According to Rohoph, the other members of the Governance de Magi slowly changed their policies and actions, taking a more brutal stance. Anu proclaimed himself master of the group, while Rohoph plotted to destroy the crystal.

Before Rohoph could destroy the Violet Crystal, he was discovered and sentenced to death. He somehow managed to escape in a 'galloper', a small spacecraft, which crash landed on Belfan and initiated the events of MARDEK Chapter 1: A Fallen Star. Seeing Rohoph as a threat, the Governance de Magi began sending its members to Belfan, one at a time, to assassinate him. This resulted in the deaths of Moric, Qualna, and the King of Gonzor.

According to Qualna in MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones, the loss of two of Anshar's leaders (Rohoph and Moric) caused a great deal of chaos, since neither of them had trained apprentices to take their place in the Governance.


Name Element Status
Rohoph Light Former Member
Moric Earth Deceased
Qualna Aether Deceased
Gaspar Fire Present
Melchior Air Present
Balthazar Water Present
Anu Dark Leader (Self-proclaimed)


  • 'Governance de Magi' is Latin for 'government of magic'.
  • The Governance de Magi has members with all of the possible elements for a soul with one exception: Fig. This could hint at the Violet Crystal being a Fig elemental object later in the series. It could also simply be another example of just how rare and mysterious the Fig element is.
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