Gaspar is an annunaki, and the Governance de Magi member who controls the Fire element. He is very short-tempered, and all of his dialogue is typed in capital letters, implying that he yells all the time. His nickname is 'Firestorm', as revealed by Qualna. After Qualna's defeat, he volunteers to go to Belfan to kill Rohoph, as he had a backup plan in the event Qualna would fail in his mission and end up dying.

Powers and Abilities

Due to his position, Gaspar has powerful Fire-based abilities. Similar to all other annunaki, Gaspar can perform a Soul Transfer on a Fire-elemental person or a corpse.


Gaspar is very short-tempered, and the other Governance de Magi members seem to be afraid of him. He despises Qualna, as his personality is the polar opposite of Qualna's, and due to the fact that Qualna decided not to kill Rohoph despite his orders and instead attempt to bring him back. Like Moric, Gaspar relishes the thought of killing Rohoph.


  • 'Balthazar', 'Gaspar' and 'Melchior' are traditionally the names of the three kings (properly known as 'magi') that bring baby Jesus presents in the nativity story of the Bible.