Forman is a potential monster in Miasmon. It is an evolution of Worker and is meant to evolve into Presidant.

Some more monster concept things! These are a reinvention of designs that I had for the original version of Miasmon. They're based on ants blended with the idea of a human hierarchical structure.

The transient form is Forman, which is based on white-collar workers or executives, or construction site foremen. Its name comes from 'foreman' and Formicidae (ants).

- Foremen wear white hard hats, which is incorporated into this design.

- Its collar region is patterned in such a way as to suggest a suit collar and tie, though it's actually wearing nothing.

- Its eyes are like both compound eyes and swanky sunglasses.

Oh, and these would all be Insectoid/Creation, though I don't know about their secondary body type, if indeed they'd have one!
-Pseudolonewolf, on the evolutionary family


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