The Figverse is a term created by Figverse Wiki, which we use to lump together every fictional universe that Pseudolonewolf created.

The Astrostles Galaxy

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The Astrostles Galaxy is an important part of the Figverse. It is a distant galaxy similar to our own, made of many different dimensions, called 'realms' or 'planes'. Almost everything within the Astrostles Galaxy is aligned with an Element.

The Astrostles Galaxy is inhabited by a myriad of different races, with different civilizations and technologies.

Alora Fane

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Alora Fane is an important part of the Figverse. It is one of many different pocket universes, called 'fanes', created by the Aolmna to 'raise' the violent races they encountered. It is made of six different environments, called 'petals', surrounding a central city called the 'Nexus'.

Alore Fane is home to five races: Bold, Meek, Mhandisi, Sindrels, and Varnyn. A sixth race, the Elarna, also lived there until they 'did some terrible thing' which wiped them out, shattered their petal, and sent the entire fane tumbling away from the Aolmna. Many things in Alora Fane are associated with a Sentiment.

Other Settings

The Figverse includes a few unnamed settings, as well. Specifically: