The Elarna are an extinct Barbari race created by the godlike Aolmna who used to inhabit Fracture, one of the six fanes in Alora Fane. They are prominently featured in Miasmon.


The Elarna developed technology that could capture and train monsters (the gauntlets), and were by far the hardest race for the Aolmna to 'educate' due to their destructive tendencies. Eventually, they did some terrible thing that completely shattered their entire petal, wiped them out, and sent the entire fane tumbling away from the gods and away from the universe.

Hundreds of years have passed since then, and many of the Barbari have reverted to their barbaric tendencies. Some races remember the unisis concept and the Aolmna, but it's now seen as an old religion, which many don't believe.

A typical Elarna is a reptilian humanoid. Other than that, not much is known about their appearance.

Petal of Origin