A boring old field full of wasps. It separates Goznor and Canonia.

Encyclopaedia description

The Eastern Glens is a location in MARDEK. It serves as a barrier between Goznor and Canonia. In addition, the Trilobite Cave is located here.


In Chapter 2, Mardek and his allies travel across this area when they are sent to investigate the disappearance of the Canonia Shaman.

Monster formations


  • Wasp x2
  • Wasp x3
  • Wasp x4
  • Hobgoblin x2
  • Gruul x2
  • Wasp x1, Hobgoblin x1
  • Wasp x2, Hobgoblin x1
  • Wasp x1, Gruul x1
  • Wasp x2, Gruul x1
  • Hobgoblin x1, Gruul x1
  • Hobgoblin x1, Gruul x2
  • Wasp x1, Hobgoblin x1, Gruul x1
  • Wasp x2, Hobgoblin x1, Gruul x1

Treasures found

Western area

Eastern area


A full map of the area using in-game graphics, with treasure locations and exits listed, can be found here.

Playable Characters

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