(Deities as described from a book in the Aeropolis Library in MARDEK)

Deities: What ARE they?
Deities are entities on a higher level of existence than we mere mortals. They are the overseers of the universe; eternal benefactors who watch, maintain and create the world and creatures around us. They come in three major types.
There are the Higher Creator Deities, such as YALORT, who design creatures and worlds, shaping the elements of the universe to their desires. They cannot cause anything to appear; they can merely mould what already exists.
The Mid-Level Elemental Deities represent and have control over one single element in particular. They have supreme power over that element, so they are the ones that grant its use to the Creators. They are the makers of the crystals.
The Lesser Archetype Deities are formed from minds, filling niches that society needs to be fulfilled. They represent standards of what people should be (and as such they are not omnipotent or perfect, 'out of reach'), or they exist as things to worship to for certain specific needs.
The names of deities should always be fully capitalised. However, the words to refer to their followers do not follow this rule; YALORT's followers are Yalortians, for example, not YALORTians or YALORTIANS. This is because the capitals show the power of the deity's name; derived forms are no longer the name of the deity and lose their power.
Deities are non-physical entities, and are as such formless. However, when they interact, they tend to manifest as the same forms in order to be recognised. As most people have never seen a deity, though, any artwork depicting them is speculative; a way of putting such a floaty idea into something we can comprehend and recognise.

Higher Creator Deities

Mid-Level Elemental Deities

Lesser Archetype Deities

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