Danarius Vellamessantine is a minor character in MARDEK. He is a villainous spellcaster who attempted to steal the Fire Crystal many years before the events of MARDEK, but was stopped when he was sealed in a Soul Cage by the Old Hermit in Crimson Peak.


When Mardek meets Danarius, he is asked for a help. He should ask Old Hermit how to free Danarius' soul. Mardek finds out that he must say: 'Danarius Vellamessantine, you are free.' Quite difficult to remember. Luckily, Rohoph remembers names well. However, when Danarius is freed, he attacks Mardek's party, but is defeated and subsequently sent to the Astral Realm.


After the fight with the Wretched Soul, you receive one of the ingredients for Legion, the ★ Wretched Skull.


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