Crystaloids are a race that comes from the world of Crystalite.


Their bodies are composed of a crystalline substance, which, though almost as hard as diamond, is also elastic and allows for limbs to be moved freely.

They have no sensory organs except for a single red gem set into their heads, which can channel psychic energy, and allows the crystaloid to move things via telekinesis and communicate telepathically. They also have two sturdy forelegs and several tentacles near their rear which are made of a highly flexible type of crystal.

They are transparent, but have no organic organs.

Crystaloids are sentient, and are capable of crafting machines that can travel in space. They make their ships from crystal, which their planet mainly consists of anyway.

Crystaloids do not eat, and have incredible longevity. They are extremely hard to kill, since they are made of crystal. They have two front feet and three claw-like things at the back for some reason.